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When I look into her eyes, I see a deep sense of knowing, peace and stillness. My goal is to get to that level of consciousness some day soon.

Rev Cherise has been my own personal intuitive counselor and is one of the most elevated beings I know.  Even though she’s very human, she seems to “get there” quickly to connect with the other realms of consciousness. Having had many former lifetimes and having served in this lifetime as a medium, she has a lot of life changing information to share and knowledge of what it’s like on “the other side”.

Until this interview, I had been talking about how to connect with intuition as if it were something outside of myself  (“do I ask my guides? or do I give them assignments?).  Her answer to this question was to me, profound.

She also shared why I, we, you, will never have to visit another psychic again to learn about our future. Tune into this one if you can.  Also, visit her site at www.knowing It will be well worth it. Namaste

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6 Responses to Rev Cherise Thorne – Knowing Spirit

  1. elena says:

    have a joyful day 😀

  2. Genevieve says:

    Your last call with Rev. Cherise Thorne was full of precious information . Thank you for making this available to us all.

  3. linda says:

    Elena, go to this link to read about her spiritual counseling:
    Then follow this link to her website and scroll down to register:
    Thank you for your comment about Rev Cherise’s interview. A very profound experience for me as well. Namaste’

  4. elena says:

    thanks linda 🙂

    i searched for that list, but i found only two older posts abt her.. could you leave here the link?

    However, this interview really covered many important aspects of the spiritual journey that not often one hears when it’s discussed.. clearing while tuning in, supporting without doing others’ part of the personal work, feeling within our own answers about the present moment (and then the future too), attention to the charge of the language we use, how everything we experience is sacred, and much more about intuition and consciousness.
    again, thank you!


  5. linda says:

    Elena, go to Rev Cherise’s special page on my site. We have listed there the 10 things that you would cover in a personal counseling session. That is what she spoke about during her interview. You also get a template and a karmic repatterning chart when you book a counseling session with her. You can get a session for $30 off if you click through on the link to her site, and request the “Linda Woods special discount”. I don’t think she offered anything for self work. Hope that helps.

  6. elena says:

    very deep, i could just recognize her commitment to self-awarness and the value of what she offers..

    ps: i didn’t understand only one thing..what exactly did she say we can find on her website? it was a list to go through, to do some self-work, but i could not pick up the name and browsing the website didn’t find anything like that..

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