Patricia Milner – Your Inner Potential


Patricia Milner is truly one of my best friends in this lifetime and I feel as if we’ve had connections in previous lifetimes as well.  Whenever I’m feeling doubtful, anxious, worried or concerned, I call Patricia and the first thing she says is:  “What does your heart tell you, Linda?  The conversation does not continue, until I stop, remain in silence, and come up with an answer.  and it’s usually just what I needed to hear or know at the time.  Patricia is very
“B r i t i s h” and it is so much fun to hear her talk about spiritual concepts with that wonderful accent.  I tease her a lot about that during this interview when she talks about “healing down the telephone”.  She’s  an International Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Trainer and Teacher. She comes from a family of psychic mediums and healers and has been able to connect with spirit from a very early age.  Her book, Divine Intervention, outlines her life growing up as a psychic child and the strange and sometimes painful experiences she had as a teenager and mother. She’s a big believe in DESTINY and SPIRIT guiding you along your path.  I welcome your comments as always.  Namaste’

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  1. elena says:

    i loved her calm and serenity, it was so clear she knows that fighting what our life brings us is not a great idea if we desire peace, especially inner peace.. from her i just received the strong feeling that she totally trust the divine wisdom, something that to me is always inspiring. thank you!

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