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Secrets of the Spine – Dr. Joe Culbertson

Our thoughts are like musical notes that play along our spinal column. Like the notes on a piano – they strike chords that affect every cell, ligament, tissue and organ in the body. If we can control our thoughts (with attitude, focus and music) we not only become stronger, we can literally influence our destiny!

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Prosperity Consciousness with Sondra Ray

Sondra Ray is known as one of the most eclectic spiritual leaders of the day. She is recognized throughout the world as a spiritual teacher, author, rebirther, lecturer, and healer. Tune into this audio interview where she discusses her “youthful” secrets and how she personally lives her life in the areas of relationships, finances, personal development, her spiritual practice and what she does daily for her health.
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Kabbalistic Healing – Jason Schulman

In the past, the Kabbalah was reserved for highly revered, married Jewish Rabbis. The common man was not allowed to access it, let alone use it for healing.

Jason Schulman has changed all that. With no desire (in his early years) to help anyone else, he learned (after a 9 year illness) that he was destined to become a teacher and mentor for other healers.

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Awaken Your Divine Healing Power with Bente Hansen

I’m always fascinated to learn how healers first get the confidence to hang out their shingle for the first time and call themselves: “healers”. In this audio interview, Bente discusses her journey, from non-believer and skeptic, to full blown healer, spiritual counselor and medical intuitive. Be sure to listen to her audio interview at

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