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Clearing Your Karma – Rev Cherise Thorne

KARMA – we’ve all heard about it. But what the heck is it? Is a debt we have to repay for past mistakes? An anchor that hangs over us for a lifetime? A vendetta that we HAVE to honor no matter what? Find out during this radio interview with Rev Cherise Thorne at

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Working with Spirit – Rev Virginia Gilpin

Rev. Virginia Gilpin was inspired to open her business – ” Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center” – in 1998 after her healing experience from an autoimmune disease. She felt the call to serve by initially training to become a Colon Hydrotherapist … Continue reading

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Living Your Highest Vibration – Mary K Anderson

Mary K Anderson Reiki Master/Teacher, Vibrational Reader/Healer, Angelic Medium Mary K Anderson was recommended to me by several people and is definitely a lively and entertaining guest for talk radio. She can also see hear and feel the vibration of … Continue reading

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Power of One Project – Juelle Wilkins

In this audio interview, Juelle Wilkins, shares the adventure of leading a group of international students and mentors into the heart of Thailand where they volunteer at schools, elephant sanctuaries and villages. The experience is transformational for everyone involved.
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