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A Conversation With Angels through Sheila Gillette

This interview was a first for me – Interviewing 12 archangels on my birthday! I was as giddy as a school girl as I spoke to the twelve archangels (known as THEO) channeled through Sheila Gilette.

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Cosmic Connections with Katherine King

It always amazes me how destiny and synchronicity seem to guide us to the perfect place at the perfect time. What we are meant to do, just seems to find us, if we are open and follow the signs and clues. Katherine King (owner of Cosmic Connections) will discuss her gift for connecting people and how she brings practitioners, healers, psychics and clients together in a loving and supportive environment.
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The Harmonizer – Music for the Soul – with Mark Romero

From Corp-a-holic, to professional speaker to musician/healer, Mark Romero knows how to mesmerize an audience. Known as the “Harmonizer”, his music can change your mood in seconds. Engaging, present and spontaneous, his fingers fly over his guitar strings as his beautiful music enters your soul.
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