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Living Without Limits – Juelle and The Council

Receiving a reading with Juelle, is like experiencing a rush of energy from a loving Spirit. I personally can vouch for her work as I left our session feeling totally empowered and ready to take on the world! To learn more about Juelle and her work, tune in to this radio interview at
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Emotional Sensitivity & Flower Essences

Learn how a clinical psychologist discovered that she was experiencing the depressed emotions and feelings of her patients.  Dr. Kyra Mesich takes us on a journey of self-discovery which caused her to leave her job, do clinical studies and find … Continue reading

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Massage – It’s Not Just A Luxury Anymore!

You don’t wait for someone to buy you a gift certificate to go to the dentist or the doctor. So why do you only get a massage once or twice a year? Kelly Ground, LMT will discuss massage for cancer, chronic pain, mastectomy massage, migraines, and much more. Sign up for a free membeship at to here her audio interview
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Art of Zen Yoga with Aaron Hoopes

Zen is a mindful awareness of the present moment and the ability to stay present as you live your life. The Art of Zen Yoga combines the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi, the energy breathing of Qigong and the deep, relaxed stretching of Shanti Yoga and the calm serenity of meditation. Tune in to this audio interview to hear Aaron Hoopes, the founder of Zen Yoga, talk about how it changed his life.
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