Sonia Choquette – Trust Your Vibes


What can I not say about Sonia Choquette.  I found her to be ALIVE, playful, heart centered, VIBRANT, encouraging, resourceful, and spontaneous.

We covered a lot of ground in less than 30 minutes, but what a ride  it was packed with useful information about how she centers herself, how she knows so much about “the other side”, what she does to get inspiration, what people learn in her workshops, how she interacts and plays with her guides while on stage, how we can connect with our own guides, and so much more. Thank you Spirit and Sonia for a wonderful interview. Namaste’

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Joan Marie Whelan – Your Sacred Gifts


I don’t know about you, but I naturally gravitate to someone who is calm, assured, confident, strong, and vibrant, who exudes an energy that says:

I care about you and your situation, I am hear to support you, however, I encourage you to pull yourself up out of your emotional attachment to your old story and find a new story to talk about.

That’s the kind of spiritual mentor I want to be: one who presents possibilities. One who presents alternatives to dwell on. One connects deeply and compassionately with those she comes into contact with.

I see Joan Marie as that kind of teacher.I found our discussion clear, on purpose, and filled with a “knowing” of what is possible.  I hope you enjoyed her as much as I did.

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Patricia Milner – Your Inner Potential


Patricia Milner is truly one of my best friends in this lifetime and I feel as if we’ve had connections in previous lifetimes as well.  Whenever I’m feeling doubtful, anxious, worried or concerned, I call Patricia and the first thing she says is:  “What does your heart tell you, Linda?  The conversation does not continue, until I stop, remain in silence, and come up with an answer.  and it’s usually just what I needed to hear or know at the time.  Patricia is very
“B r i t i s h” and it is so much fun to hear her talk about spiritual concepts with that wonderful accent.  I tease her a lot about that during this interview when she talks about “healing down the telephone”.  She’s  an International Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Trainer and Teacher. She comes from a family of psychic mediums and healers and has been able to connect with spirit from a very early age.  Her book, Divine Intervention, outlines her life growing up as a psychic child and the strange and sometimes painful experiences she had as a teenager and mother. She’s a big believe in DESTINY and SPIRIT guiding you along your path.  I welcome your comments as always.  Namaste’

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Rev Cherise Thorne – Knowing Spirit


When I look into her eyes, I see a deep sense of knowing, peace and stillness. My goal is to get to that level of consciousness some day soon.

Rev Cherise has been my own personal intuitive counselor and is one of the most elevated beings I know.  Even though she’s very human, she seems to “get there” quickly to connect with the other realms of consciousness. Having had many former lifetimes and having served in this lifetime as a medium, she has a lot of life changing information to share and knowledge of what it’s like on “the other side”.

Until this interview, I had been talking about how to connect with intuition as if it were something outside of myself  (“do I ask my guides? or do I give them assignments?).  Her answer to this question was to me, profound.

She also shared why I, we, you, will never have to visit another psychic again to learn about our future. Tune into this one if you can.  Also, visit her site at www.knowing It will be well worth it. Namaste

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Lynn Robinson – Trust Your Gut


Lynn Robinson certainly knows the magic of a story, and her own is so interesting. One chance encounter, where Lynn heard a voice that said “sit here”, changed the entire direction of her (then miserable) corporate life. She sat where she was told, and the rest is magical, straight out of the movies kind of synchronicity. Now she spends her time traveling the world, speaking to audiences about intuition and has authored six books on the subject. She even met her husband using her intuition ! In this interview, we discussed how to tell if it’s guidance you’re receiving or something else. We explored the concept of fear, and how that may be intuition’s way of moving you in a new direction. We touched on muscle testing and Lynn had an interesting response to that. If you like fast moving, funny, interesting, and intriguing interviews, this is one you’ll surely enjoy.  Please leave your comment after you’ve listened to her program. Namaste’

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Rudolph Ballentine, MD – Intuition & Tantra

What can I say about a medical doctor who emphasizes the need for the healing arts to  “bring us back into synchrony with the rest of nature.” Dr. Rudolph Ballentine is the author of Radical Healing (my favorite reference book) and the former director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in New York City. While practicing, he specialized in natural healing methods such as herbs, homeopathy, yoga, and meditation,  and it was the time  he spent in India with the yogis that helped shape his wisdom and knowledge of tantra. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to ask him during this interview, but I managed to get out of the way and allow Spirit to come through. If you want to know how to open your Third Eye Chakra, this is an interview not to be missed. Also, keep an eye out for his new book: Kali Rising which explains his unique method of integration to achieve heightened awareness.

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Natalie Ledwell – A Powerful Visualization Tool

Talk about a role model!  Natalie Ledwell has done it all. Back in 2006, she learned about Mind Movies, and her life has never been the same. In this interview, we explore her road to success and how it was mapped out by her keen intuitive sense.  It’s that feeling of excitement in your stomach that gives you the clues.

Her recent launch of the Mind Movie 2.0 product grossed over $1 million in sales.

She has also used the principles she’s learned in the Mind Movie formula to create her new product called:  7 Secrets to Happiness. Natalie managed to achieve a size 10 by her 40 birthday and she did it, (you guessed it), using a Mind Movie that showed her what she would look like, feel like, act like, and be like when she lost the weight.

Natalie has put together an unbelievable offer for Intuition into Action listeners. You get the Mind Movie 2.0 Software, six pre-made mind movies that you can start watching now, her weight loss (7 Secrets to Happiness) product, and her subliminal software where you can play your movie on your computer in the background all day long.  All of this at a discounted price. Click here to learn more.

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Penney Peirce – Your Personal Frequency Match

I’m still vibrating  from this interview. Her photo says it all. Relaxed, laid back, upbeat, trendy, futuristic, AWARE and free flowing. The information shared by Penney Peirce was PROFOUND. from the relaxed way to ask for guidance, to our personal vibration, to shifting from our head into our heart, we are like tuning forks, resonating to the stimuli in our environment, adapting to the fast, furious and constant change around us.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with such an enlightened being. This one qualifies for the Guinness Book of Records and it’s not to be missed.

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Mark Ireland – Intuition Tips From The Other Side

What a lovely soul.  Here is a man deeply committed to his passion – helping others who are grieving, know that their loved ones are still here and still very much connected. Mark spoke about the death of his son, Brandon and how that affected his life and compelled him to write his book: Soul Shift – Where the Dead Go.

He also shared his father’s book – Your Psychic Potential, which was written several years before it’s time. Now, 12 years after his father’s death, Mark discovered it and it’s about to be released, to a world ready for it’s message.

I found Mark to be caring, genuine, focused, humble, and most inspiring.  How about you?  Please leave your comments about this program. And remember, we are always connected.

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Marcia Emery, Ph.D. – Intuition and Dreams

She likes to be called Dr. Marcia and there’s no mistaking who she is… a pioneer in the human potential movement who has gone to great lengths to bring para-psychology, intuition and dreams into the forefront of awakened consciousness.  She actually made the shift in her own life spiritually, because of a dream. Her most recent book, PowerHunch!: Living an Intuitive Life is a must for anyone wanting to find out about those hunches, nudges and inner urgings and how to act on that information.

This interview was packed with information:

  • 10 Keys for Developing your Intuition
  • How We Are Wired to Receive Intuition
  • How to Go from the Logical Mind to the Intuitive Mind in 6  Steps
  • and much more.

We played and danced on this interview and I feel as if I’ve made a friend for life. Enjoy the replay while you can or own the entire series for only $47.


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Intuition & Money – Andrea Hess

This woman didn’t even know she was intuitive until she was 33 years old and look at her now!  With no business background, she increased  her monthly income by 700% – in just 13 months.

How did she do it? By getting really clear about what she wanted, setting intention, and asking for help. But there’s are specific layers to asking for help. And Andrea got the inspiration to turn her knowledge into a Money Mastery Manifestation program that she now teaches others. (She is offering a 30 % discount through August 25th for anyone who visits her special page and uses the promotion code “money”).

Andrea describes intuition as a GPS system, we have to tell it where we want to go, or we end up with a lot of conflicting information. She certainly tells her intuition what she wants, the guidance comes, she acts on it, and a whole army of helpers go forth into the ethers to help things fall into place. We can do that to!

I was so inspired with this interview.   She really puts herself out there as a helpful resource for others.I’ve listened to her interview several times, and each time, I gain new insight and understanding. Listen while you can through August 22nd.

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Eva Gregory – Guidance on Demand

There’s nothing quite like asking a question to yourself, and immediately hearing an answer. The first time it happens, is quite a shock. How can that be? Where did that come from?  Am I making this up? Who just said that?  These streams of consciousness are definitely out there and sometimes the answers they provide are just what we need in that instant.

Eva and I compared notes of our ‘streaming experiences’ and we had a lot in common.

I had heard about channeling years ago and had been to group meetings where the information shared was channeled, from the ethers and beyond.

Quite frankly, I was always the first to ask out loud: How do you know who’s coming through and if they are more enlightened than you are?

Most would give me that, she doesn’t understand look and would hope I’d shut up.  Since that time, I’ve encountered spiritual teachers who channeled and the messages relayed were pure, riveting, profound, crystal clear, and spot on.

Eva says that channeling is no longer reserved for the rare few. It’s happening to many of us, and, in this interview, she not only  gives us some idea of what to expect, but, our very own bus ticket to the spirit world.  Check out Eva’s program: Guidance On Demand: Where Spirituality and Practicality Merge™ – a definite boarding pass for anyone who is ready to make a profound, direct, mind boggling, never- will -you- be -the- same, life changing connection.

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James Wanless, Ph.D.- Intuition and Tarot

James has a way of making us want to feel young again. To play, to explore, to flow! Every time I talk to him I feel better, light bulbs go off, and somewhere in a tibetan temple, a gong sounds. He and I have podcasted together over 54 episodes on his DVD Series by the same name: Intuition into Action – where I was his cohost. I was the straight man (woman) keeping him in line and on track, which was a challenge sometimes because his mind goes to great heights and he sometimes get off track. If I could label James, I would call him a Merlin of the 21st Century.

In today’s interview, James was his usual animated self, presenting scientific technical information in the same breath as playful, mind boggling, and creative tools for getting out of thought and allowing ourselves to be receptive. Try not to miss this one.

Oh yes, and check out James’s offer where you can order anything from his story for 20% off through August 31st. On his landing page, look to the right sidebar for product offerings and be sure to use the promotion code “tarot” when checking out.

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Carol Tuttle-Awareness Through the Chakras

Carol Tuttle – Master Energy Therapist, Author and Spiritual Teacher.

I had never thought of using intuition from a victim consciousness point of view before and how many of us seem to have that innate gift of knowing how to protect ourselves because of our wounded soul mentality.

Carol’s discussion of healing your inner child was so meaningful to me. Many times I’ve been told by spiritual teachers that I have to do inner child work, but Carol put that message  into perspective and gave me something to work with.

Her tapping technique for activating intuition was WONDERFUL.  I could listen to her all day and probably tap all day-  the way she taught it.  She really knows her stuff which was evident with her own stories of how she used Chakra clearing to remove her own fear of moving forward.

Should you move in the direction of what you’re most fearful of? I asked.

Carol had a good response to that.

So there is something VERY EFFECTIVE about doing Chakra Clearing to enhance and activate intuition.

What I did to help my friend die in hospice (you’ll hear about that on the interview), was clear his heart chakra. It helped him relax and let go, so he could make the decision to move forward.  Apparently, it was just what he needed to experience that day and, it can help us make major moving forward decisions as well.

For a limited time, Carol is offering her Learning, Living and Creating from Your Chakras program for a 20% discount, and this discount applies to any of the products in her Chakra Store for Intuition Into Action listeners.  Check out her page on my site or visit her special offer page at

Be sure to use the promotion code “chakra” when checking out.

I’m wildly excited about receiving your comments on this one.


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Jamie Clark – Psychic Medium – Your Psychic Senses

I always find it fascinating to talk to someone who is deeply in tune with his or her perception skills. Someone who gets answers all day long, not just for himself, but others.

Jamie Clark makes his living doing readings and communicating with Spirit. So he has some MAJOR first hand experience with what it’s like to tune in to other dimensions, to see things, know things, feel things, and ask and receive intuitive Guidance.  He’s also accustomed  to being interrupted by Spirits, some that are not always welcome, and some that will go to great lengths to get his attention.

This happened during our interview.  As we were talking, 3 different times, we were interrupted with bleeps, crackles, pops, dead phone lines, and total silence,  right in the middle of a sentence. I asked Jamie: What is the point of the interruption by Spirit, if you don’t understand the message? He shared some interesting insight on that. I shared some electrical stories of my own and my direct interaction with spirits  one evening, after they interrupted me in my sleep.

I found it interesting to hear Jamie talk about his “guys”-  his personal experts who are always on hand to help . These are his personal Guides -beings he knows and trusts. He gave us some tips on how to get in touch with our own “helpers” and how to receive  significant and meaningful validation from them. He also discussed creating our own spiritual room as a sacred space.

But the most fascinating part of the interview for me, was his explanation of THE MEANING OF LIFE that was revealed to him during his own PROFOUND near death experience. It really put some things into perspective for me.  Is life just about having desires, asking for what we want, and getting the answers? Listen to this one to find out


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“Intuition into Action” Tele-Summit Launch Video

take a look at my launch video. It kept locking up on the opt in page so I just took it down.  Too much to worry about, but I can give it a home here

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And We’re Off! Intuition Tele-Summit Launch

I am thrilled that I have finally launched my first tele-summit called Intuition into Action – tips and tools for developing and accessing your intuition.

I have asked 15 of the world’s top intuition experts to share their knowledge and expertise. Check out the lineup of these incredible speakers .

The series is FREE, runs three weeks (Monday through Friday) and begins Monday August 16, 2010.

I have to share that putting this together has been an overwhelming project, but I stated clearly to the Universe, that if it was meant to be, that I would have to be supported and guided, and many angels and helpers showed up to take on those roles.

So, thank you so much to everyone who has been involved and who has participated in this effort.

It’s been quite a ride.

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A New Adventure – Teleseminars

For the last three months, I have been researching how to do teleseminars online to reach the greatest number of people. Currently, I am working on my first teleseminar series and will make the announcement once all platforms are in place.

The bottom line is this: Continue reading

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Blast Off to the Life of Your Dreams with Allison Maslan

Oh allison-maslainmy gosh, Allison Maslan rocks! I SO enjoyed doing this interview with her and her story is so endearing. She can teach us step-by-step how to let go of limiting fears and beliefs, inspire us to create a new path full of passion and meaning, then personally give us the vision and skills to achieve our dreams. This is the kind of interview that wakes me up and get me motivated to make some major changes in my life.

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Emotional Healing with Dr. J David Forbes, MD

asij-david-forbes-md1This interview with Dr. J. David Forbes was lively, entertaining and brought back some vivid memories for me. I remember attending a weekend workshop where I was told to take a newspaper and beat it on a table to get my anger out.  I didn’t even know that I had anger.  I screamed and yelled in front of about 25 people (as others did the same in other groups).  I felt like a complete idiot.  This was not PEER® Therapy. Continue reading

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