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Biology of our Belief- Bruce Lipton, PhD

Do our cells have memory? Are they intelligent? Can we communicate with them? Can they communicate with each other? Will anyone be listening? Do cells “go crazy?”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, MD (a cellular biologist) reveals fascinating information about the trillions of cells inside our body and how they respond to our everyday thoughts – Tune in for this fast moving, enlightening interview at

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Celebrity Audio – Dr. Bernie Siegel – Short Clip

bernie-siegel-short-clip In this short audio interview, I interviewed Dr. Bernie Siegel about life, and he interviewed me about being a former accountant and stand-up comic.

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Guest Testimonial – J. David Forbes, MD

“I consider Linda Woods to be one of the best radio personalities in the country. She brings an easy style, an insightful questioning mind, and a beautiful open heart to her interviews and programs. Listening to Linda you’ll always get … Continue reading

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Quantum Alchemy Healing with Veronica O’Grady

She was born with the gift of sight and inter-dimensional cognizance. Her near death experience as an infant, and ‘warrior’ training as
a young child, propelled Veronica’s journey towards mastery that has led her to facilitating profound Life changing healings. Catch her lively audio interview here at

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