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Your Cosmic DNA from the Stars

Astrology is used as a tool for self-awareness and life mastery. It reveals a soul’s journey and life lessons, karmic baggage and personality traits. Just as our physical DNA reveals eye color, skin color, etc. Astrology represents a person’s Cosmic DNA. Tune in to this audio interview as Linda Woods interviews Christina Malone – A Sacred Energy Consultant, about how we can determine our Cosmic DNA through Astrology.
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Opportunities to Love with Charles Strobel

We all want the same things in life: Food, clothing, shelter, compassion, understanding, respect, acknowledgment, to feel productive, to feel important, to feel loved. Many of the homeless have none of these to look forward to. There are so many ways that we can help. Check out this audio interview with Charles Stroebel to learn more.
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Knowing Spirit – with Rev. Cherise Thorne

On this program, Rev Cherise Thorne discusses her sensitive “teenage” years, how she discovered that she was a medium and psychic, her ability to heal people by using her energy and how she used her personal challenges as a tool to ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Catch her audio interview on Windows to Wellness – Holistic Talk Radio

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The Flip – Turn Your World Around

An incredible shift in consciousness (a flip) is taking place that will affect every aspect of our lives. Will you embrace it or deny it?
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A Healer’s Journey with Rev Ron Beam

Imagine being a high ranking Corporate executive for a major Health Care company. Then, one day, you find out the company is not ethical and you take measures to do something about it. You lose your job and can’t imagine what lies ahead. Life can be frightening when the path is unclear. Such was the life of Rev Ron Beam, who now spends his days using meditation and energy in his full time roll as a “Master Healer”.

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