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Linda Woods

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  1. Linda Woods says:

    Kathy, Thank you for your email. I was behind on uploading some shows to ITunes. Also, when I air a program a second time, I do not send it to ITunes as a new program. It is already listed as one of my earlier programs. Let me know if you see the shows on ITunes and if I can be of further assistance.

    Abundant blessings,

    Linda Woods

  2. kathy bona says:

    Linda, I wish you could help me out….I have listened to you since you started your shows…at least what was on i-tunes. I love your shows. I just cannot figure out how to get them on i-tunes so I can listen to them on my ipod. There are so many shows I have missed since i-tunes have not gotten them. Just thought you would like to know, I am a 55 year old woman and a big fan of yours. Thanks for any help you can give me…..Kathy

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