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Make Peace With Where You Are – Abraham-Hicks

Esther Hicks presented the wisdom of Abraham in the original movie “The Secret”. (The communication is crystal clear, thought provoking and empowering.) Even Oprah has interviewed Abraham on her XM Radio Channel.

This is simply the best explanation of the “law of Attraction” and how we can use it to create the life we want – EVER!

Follow the link to listen to the audio interview of a recent workshop in front of a live audience. Grab the MP3 file.
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Loving What Is – with Martha Creek

Loving What Is, is a powerful and transformative experience utilizing a process called “The Work” created by internationally-recognized facilitator and national bestselling author – Byron Katie. “The Work” is a means or method that clears the mind of limited thinking and helps you find, within yourself, everything you really need.
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