Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition: Intuitive Counselors Share Their Secrets

retrokml (4)I just released an album of interviews on Amazon about Intuition.  For those who want to develop it, understand it, recognize it, tap in to it, have lightening speed “knowing” or just take it slowly, step by step, this album of interviews is for you!  Here’s the link.

Many of the intuitive experts I interviewed, have their own unique style of “tapping in” to Divine Intelligence.  When these interviews were first released during my Intuition Tele-summit, the cost was $47.  Now, an album of eleven of the interviews is available on Amazon for $8.99 and each interview alone is only 99 cents.  If you care to purchase and listen, please let me know what you think.     A synopsis of each interview and listener testimonials follow below:


Andrea Hess – Money In, Money Out

Andrea Hess is devoted to helping us manifest money. She teaches us how to tune into our patterns and clear whatever is blocking us from our natural abundant flow.


Eva Gregory – Channeling Spirit Guides

Eva Gregory (Coach Eva) is a Conscious Channel, and Spiritual Teacher who helps us get in touch with our direct Divine Guidance by teaching us how to experience our own Guides – up close and personal.


Lynn Robinson – Trusting Your Gut

Lynn Robinson is a best selling author of five books on intuition who works with businesses and individuals as an intuitive advisor. If you like fast moving, funny, interesting and intriguing interviews, this is one you’ll surely enjoy.


Marcia Emery, Ph.D. – Dreaming the Future

She likes to be called Dr. Marcia and there’s no mistaking who she is… a pioneer in the human potential movement who has gone to great lengths to bring para-psychology, intuition and dreams into the forefront of awakened consciousness.  She actually made the shift in her own life spiritually, because of a dream. This interview was packed with information:  10 Keys for Developing your Intuition, How We Are Wired to Receive Intuition, How to Go from the Logical Mind to the Intuitive Mind in 6 Steps, and much more. We played and danced on this interview and I feel as if I’ve made a friend for life.


Mark Ireland – Signs from the Deceased

What a lovely soul.  Here is a man deeply committed to his passion – helping others who are grieving, know that their loved ones are still here and still very much connected. Mark spoke about the death of his son, Brandon and how that affected his life and compelled him to write his book: Soul Shift – Where the Dead Go. He also shares information from his deceased father, Richard Ireland, a famous psychic-medium to the stars.


Patricia Milner – There Are No Accidents

Patricia is very “B r i t i s h” and  I tease her a lot about that during this interview when she talks about “healing down the telephone”.  She’s  an International Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Trainer and Teacher. She comes from a family of psychic mediums and healers and has been able to connect with spirit from a very early age.  Her book, Divine Intervention, outlines her life growing up as a psychic child and the strange and sometimes painful experiences she had as a teenager and mother. In this interview, she’ll share the number one thing you can do to get your answers and go with the flow of life.  ==============================================================

Jamie Clark – Messages from Spirit

I always find it fascinating to talk to someone who is deeply in tune with his or her perception skills. Someone who gets answers all day long, not just for himself, but others. Jamie Clark makes his living doing readings and communicating with Spirit. So he has some MAJOR first hand experience with what it’s like to tune in to other dimensions, to see things, know things, feel things, and ask and receive intuitive Guidance.  But the most fascinating part of this interview for me, was his explanation of THE MEANING OF LIFE that was revealed to him during his own PROFOUND near death experience. It really put some things into perspective for me.  Is life just about having desires, asking for what we want, and getting the answers? Listen to this one to find out.


Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. – Tantra Meditation and Practice

Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. will discuss Tantra and how the Divine masculine and feminine have to merge before we can experience enlightenment. it was the time he spent in India with the yogis that helped shape his wisdom and knowledge of tantra. If you want to know how to open your Third Eye Chakra, this is an interview not to be missed. Also, look for his new book: Kali Rising which explains his unique method of integration to achieve heightened awareness.


Penney Peirce – Raising Your Vibration

I’m still vibrating  from this interview. Relaxed, laid back, upbeat, trendy, futuristic, AWARE and free flowing. The information shared by Penney was PROFOUND – from the relaxed way to ask for guidance, to our personal vibration, to shifting from our head into our heart, we are like tuning forks, resonating to the stimuli in our environment, adapting to the fast, furious and constant change around us. A leading expert in sensitivity development, she shows us how to master the “frequency principles” that govern energy, intuition and awareness.


James Wanless – Voyager Tarot

James has a way of making us want to feel young again. To play, to explore, to flow! Every time I talk to him I feel better, light bulbs go off, and somewhere in a tibetan temple, a gong sounds.  If I could label James, I would call him a Merlin of the 21st Century. In this interview, James is his usual animated self, presenting scientific technical information in the same breath as playful, mind boggling, and creative tools for getting out of thought and allowing ourselves to be receptive.


Cherise Thorne – Everyday Enlightenment

Rev. Cherise Thorne is a master teacher in raising awareness and expanding consciousness. She will convince us that we are Spirit, and share why we will never have to go to a psychic again to learn about our future.


 What Listeners are Saying:

  •  I have been listening to your Windows to Wellness series, and, while I am enormously enjoying your guests and what they have to teach, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presence in the interviews. This presence, your deep listening to the speaker, allows you to pick up threads that I want to know more about as a listener. This is your gift as an interviewer, following threads with intuitive intelligence. I experience you as having deep humility and even what I experience as a childlike innocence. Combined with your hungry curiosity, open mind, and accepting heart, these qualities serve me, the listener, so beautifully by allowing you to ask questions that are spot on and so beautifully shine the light on what the speaker has to share. You are always leading the interview forward, with obvious thoughtfulness and clarity of purpose, but never get in the way! I just felt moved to tell you how much I appreciate your show—and you! Jacqueline
  • Hi Linda, I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I am really enjoying the current series. What a great idea! The speakers are fabulous and I am just getting so much out of listening to the talks. I can only imagine how much coordination went into putting this together so thank you again for stepping out on faith to organize this program. May the blessings that you have shared with others come back to you tenfold! Much love and light your way today and always, Erika
  • You have created such a marvelous seminar with your loving kindness and grace, your interviews are guided to bring out what I’ve longed to hear. I’m impressed by the panel’s wealth of knowledge all under one “roof” as well as free of charge, what a generous gift. I am going to miss the seminar when it draws to a close and hope that your beakon to share continues in many ways. To listen to the voices of manifesters of positive growth and change is a relief and gives balance to the daily negative media on the news. I just love the entire program, you rock! All Best, Suki 
  • Linda, I have to tell you, I am so glad you are getting these Metaphysical Giants to be s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c about things! 🙂 When they generalize (because they know what they are talking about, because they have EXPERIENCED it firsthand), sometimes I think they forget how much the rest of us don’t know, or aren’t aware of because it is new to us, and/or we haven’t experienced it yet! So, I really appreciate your asking them to clarify. I am really enjoying your interviews – I feel you are asking the questions =I= would ask of them! 🙂
  • James Wanless is an inspiring teacher, contagious! Linda, your thoughtful questions were grounded and practical, leading to the heart of James work and philosophy. With Gratitude, Joanna
  • A note of gratitude for the gifts of wisdom shared by Jamie Clark. Especially of value Jamie’s self-care, prayers and the setting of intention as important pieces to the work in healing service. I also appreciate the details of Jamie’s Spiritual Room, inspiring me to create my own. Thank You!
  • Loved it —and it answered a lot of my questions of how to contact my guides…thank you—-keep them coming!!
  • WOW!!! Interview with Jamie Clark was really wonderful! I enjoyed it very much, and I received information that is extremely useful to me on my spiritual path. THANK YOU!!!

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