Intuition into Action Tele-Summit

In September of 2010, I completed the Intuition into Action Tele-Summit with 15 outstanding intuitive masters, who graced our Internet Stage and shared their knowledge about how to become more intuitive.  Learn how to develop your intuition from the greatest minds of Intuition.  You will receive 3 celebrity MP3 Audio Files just for signing up.

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  1. Wahyu says:

    I have been listening to your Windows to Wellness series, and, while I am enormously enjoying your guests and what they have to teach, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presence in the interviews. This presence, your deep listening to the speaker, allows you to pick up threads that I want to know more about as a listener. This is your gift as an interviewer, following threads with intuitive intelligence. I experience you as having deep humility and even what I experience as a childlike innocence. Combined with your hungry curiosity, open mind, and accepting heart, these qualities serve me, the listener, so beautifully by allowing you to ask questions that are spot on and so beautifully shine the light on what the speaker has to share. You are always leading the interview forward, with obvious thoughtfulness and clarity of purpose, but never get in the way! I just felt moved to tell you how much I appreciate your show—and you! Jacqueline

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