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Sonia Choquette – Trust Your Vibes

  What can I not say about Sonia Choquette.  I found her to be ALIVE, playful, heart centered, VIBRANT, encouraging, resourceful, and spontaneous. We covered a lot of ground in less than 30 minutes, but what a ride  it was … Continue reading

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Rudolph Ballentine, MD – Intuition & Tantra

What can I say about a medical doctor who emphasizes the need for the healing arts to  “bring us back into synchrony with the rest of nature.” Dr. Rudolph Ballentine is the author of Radical Healing (my favorite reference book) … Continue reading

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Penney Peirce – Your Personal Frequency Match

I’m still vibrating  from this interview. Her photo says it all. Relaxed, laid back, upbeat, trendy, futuristic, AWARE and free flowing. The information shared by Penney Peirce was PROFOUND. from the relaxed way to ask for guidance, to our personal … Continue reading

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The Sage Age – with MaAnna Stephenson

MaAnna Stephenson is a powerhouse of information.  Formally trained in electronics, acoustics and music and initiated as a shamanka, (female shaman) MaAnna has immersed herself in the relationship between science and intuitive wisdom. Her exemplary work spans the music industry, … Continue reading

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