Sonia Choquette – Trust Your Vibes


What can I not say about Sonia Choquette.  I found her to be ALIVE, playful, heart centered, VIBRANT, encouraging, resourceful, and spontaneous.

We covered a lot of ground in less than 30 minutes, but what a ride  it was packed with useful information about how she centers herself, how she knows so much about “the other side”, what she does to get inspiration, what people learn in her workshops, how she interacts and plays with her guides while on stage, how we can connect with our own guides, and so much more. Thank you Spirit and Sonia for a wonderful interview. Namaste’

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5 Responses to Sonia Choquette – Trust Your Vibes

  1. elena says:

    oh, sonia’s always so great at teaching very easy and at the same time powerful tools for working with our intuition! i just enjoyed listening to all the valuable information she provided also in this interview 🙂

    wow, linda, i find very very interesting and helpful this series you created on intuition, and your guests were just GREAT ones..thank you once more!

    wishing you all the best,
    peace, love and light,


  2. linda says:

    You have yet another gift, my dear Jacqueline, the gift of writing and conveying your feelings. Have you considered writing your book? I am honored and humbled by your words and am so grateful to you for expressing your appreciation. It could not have come at a better time. It’s been an emotional whirlwind for me (putting on this series, interviewing guests, editing audios, preparing transcripts, making sure everything runs smoothly, lots of late nights with very little sleep) and when it’s all over, and the energy subsides, you take time for yourself, go within, catch up on rest and regroup for that next big step. Your words lifted me up and gave me a renewed sense of direction. THANK YOU! Jacqueline! I am So grateful! Linda

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Oh wow, Linda,

    Sonia Choquette -what a finale! Everything I ever wanted to know about intuition in a sweet, concise, rich nutshell.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this series. My relationship with my own intuition is profoundly changed. I am aware not only how much I use intuition in my life, but that I am actually, in my role as a teacher of an innovative, therapeutic form of theatre, a well-developed teacher of intuition! I mean, duh! It was so close to me, and always has been, that I couldn’t see it until I heard it named and described over and over on your program.

    I am grateful to the tips of my toes. Thrilled with your gift to the world, and looking forward to More!

    You are sparkling brilliance. And you know how to ground that. Which is a gift to us all. With love to you, Jacqueline

  4. linda says:

    What a nice thing to say Laura. Thank YOU for expressing your appreciation. It makes it all worthwhile. Many blessings and I look forward to re-connecting soon. Namaste’ LInda

  5. Laura says:

    Linda, I just wanted to thank you for putting together an amazing group of intuitive individuals. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing with us and your excitement and passion for life. I look forward to hearing more from you in the near future. I appreciate you!

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