Marcia Emery, Ph.D. – Intuition and Dreams

She likes to be called Dr. Marcia and there’s no mistaking who she is… a pioneer in the human potential movement who has gone to great lengths to bring para-psychology, intuition and dreams into the forefront of awakened consciousness.  She actually made the shift in her own life spiritually, because of a dream. Her most recent book, PowerHunch!: Living an Intuitive Life is a must for anyone wanting to find out about those hunches, nudges and inner urgings and how to act on that information.

This interview was packed with information:

  • 10 Keys for Developing your Intuition
  • How We Are Wired to Receive Intuition
  • How to Go from the Logical Mind to the Intuitive Mind in 6  Steps
  • and much more.

We played and danced on this interview and I feel as if I’ve made a friend for life. Enjoy the replay while you can or own the entire series for only $47.


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4 Responses to Marcia Emery, Ph.D. – Intuition and Dreams

  1. linda says:

    Thank you so much for your comment Katara. You know me well and you’ve seen my growth over the years. Getting out of my own way has been a learning process and now I do ‘truly listen’ and stay incredibly present during these interviews. When I do that, the conversation just naturally flows and sometimes, the questions that come out surprise me. Dr. Emery was a delight and I feel like I’ve made a new friend for life. Thank you for your support and YOUR friendship and for caring enough to leave a comment. Glad you are enjoying this series. Blessings and Namaste’ , Linda

  2. linda says:

    Thank you Dee for your kind words. I really enjoyed Dr. Marcia. I have learned so much during these interviews. Thank you again for listening and for your comments.

  3. Dee says:

    Linda, I really enjoyed your interview with Dr. Marcia Emery. Her intuitive experiences and the laughter and wisdom in which she recalls them cause me to look back on my own intuitive experiences with the same “I managed to survive” hindsight. Thank you for bringing together these wonderful intuitives.

  4. Katara says:

    Linda, I have to say that I think you are the most enjoyable interviewer on any of these productions! I am just smiling from your Dr. Marcia show. She was a delight and you were too! And you are doing a great job getting them to share their secrets and without it feeling like they are selling us something. And she was right. You do use your intuition and you do listen, something you did not do a long time ago. I sure hope this is being successful for you as it is a quality production. You have found some very interesting guests. And you are just delightful! Gratitude to you for following your soul’s calling. Such an inspiration!

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