Eva Gregory – Guidance on Demand

There’s nothing quite like asking a question to yourself, and immediately hearing an answer. The first time it happens, is quite a shock. How can that be? Where did that come from?  Am I making this up? Who just said that?  These streams of consciousness are definitely out there and sometimes the answers they provide are just what we need in that instant.

Eva and I compared notes of our ‘streaming experiences’ and we had a lot in common.

I had heard about channeling years ago and had been to group meetings where the information shared was channeled, from the ethers and beyond.

Quite frankly, I was always the first to ask out loud: How do you know who’s coming through and if they are more enlightened than you are?

Most would give me that, she doesn’t understand look and would hope I’d shut up.  Since that time, I’ve encountered spiritual teachers who channeled and the messages relayed were pure, riveting, profound, crystal clear, and spot on.

Eva says that channeling is no longer reserved for the rare few. It’s happening to many of us, and, in this interview, she not only  gives us some idea of what to expect, but, our very own bus ticket to the spirit world.  Check out Eva’s program: Guidance On Demand: Where Spirituality and Practicality Merge™ – a definite boarding pass for anyone who is ready to make a profound, direct, mind boggling, never- will -you- be -the- same, life changing connection.

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2 Responses to Eva Gregory – Guidance on Demand

  1. linda says:

    Thank you for your gracious comment, Janis. “What do you mean?” and “Can you give me an example?” are questions that just naturally pop out when I don’t understand something. I was once told, (by a gifted clairvoyant) that in a former lifetime, I was put to death because of my mouth. When I heard that, it resonated with me somehow, and it makes me realize today, how grateful I am to be able to express myself fully in this lifetime. We should all have that kind of freedom, and find our own avenues for creativity and self expression. Thank you so much for your comment and I hope you continue to listen. Blessings and Namaste’ Linda

  2. Janis says:

    Linda, I have to tell you, I am so glad you are getting these Metaphysical Giants to be s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c about things! 🙂 When they generalize (because they know what they are talking about, because they have EXPERIENCED it firsthand), sometimes I think they forget how much the rest of us don’t know, or aren’t aware of because it is new to us, and/or we haven’t experienced it yet! So, I really appreciate your asking them to clarify. I am really enjoying your interviews – I feel you are asking the questions =I= would ask of them! 🙂

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