And We’re Off! Intuition Tele-Summit Launch

I am thrilled that I have finally launched my first tele-summit called Intuition into Action – tips and tools for developing and accessing your intuition.

I have asked 15 of the world’s top intuition experts to share their knowledge and expertise. Check out the lineup of these incredible speakers .

The series is FREE, runs three weeks (Monday through Friday) and begins Monday August 16, 2010.

I have to share that putting this together has been an overwhelming project, but I stated clearly to the Universe, that if it was meant to be, that I would have to be supported and guided, and many angels and helpers showed up to take on those roles.

So, thank you so much to everyone who has been involved and who has participated in this effort.

It’s been quite a ride.

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4 Responses to And We’re Off! Intuition Tele-Summit Launch

  1. linda says:

    Erika, I so appreciate your comments about this series and I am so glad you are listening. It has been a monumental effort pulling it all together, but it has been so worth it. The comments I’ve received have been overwhelming. Thank you again for your kinds words of support. Namaste’, Linda

  2. linda says:

    Jacqueline, I an honored and humbled by your comments. Your words beautifully express my essence and my gift and I am so grateful for you and your presence on these calls. With deepest gratitude. Linda

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I have been listening to your Windows to Wellness series, and, while I am enormously enjoying your guests and what they have to teach, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your presence in the interviews. This presence, your deep listening to the speaker, allows you to pick up threads that I want to know more about as a listener. This is your gift as an interviewer, following threads with intuitive intelligence. I experience you as having deep humility and even what I experience as a childlike innocence. Combined with your hungry curiosity, open mind, and accepting heart, these qualities serve me, the listener, so beautifully by allowing you to ask questions that are spot on and so beautifully shine the light on what the speaker has to share. You are always leading the interview forward, with obvious thoughtfulness and clarity of purpose, but never get in the way! I just felt moved to tell you how much I appreciate your show—and you! Jacqueline

  4. Erika Powell says:

    Hi Linda,
    I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I am really enjoying the current series. What a great idea! The speakers are fabulous and I am just getting so much out of listening to the talks.I can only imagine how much coordination went into putting this together so thank you again for stepping out on faith to organize this program. May the blessings that you have shared with others come back to you tenfold! Much love and light your way today and always,

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